UI/UX Design Case Studies

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Egg Standards Australia

The project objective is to design a user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient user interface (UI/UX) for the ESA Farmer Portal, aimed at facilitating seamless quality assurance processes for egg producers across Australia.

Pinbarren Green Lodges Noosa

Livestock Productions Assurance (LPA)

The UI/UX design for the LPA accreditation renewal process aimed to streamline and simplify the steps required for stakeholders in the livestock industry to renew their accreditation. It focused on enhancing user experience, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and security throughout the renewal journey.


The objective of the UI/UX design for the AFM was to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows land managers to easily access and interpret satellite data on their property’s feed capabilities. The design needed to support functionalities such as viewing detailed satellite data and understanding trends.


The UI/UX design for the AUS-MEAT Halal Slaughtermaster Registration platform aimed to streamline the registration process for Muslim Slaughtermen, Halal Inspectors, and Trainee Slaughtermen. The platform needed to facilitate easy registration, compliance with Halal standards, and training opportunities within the Australian red meat industry.

Pinbarren Green Lodges Noosa


The UI/UX design for the AUS-MEAT Training Website aimed to create an engaging and user-friendly platform that promotes education and skill development within the agriculture and food sector. It sought to enhance accessibility to training resources while reflecting AUS-MEAT’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Pinbarren Green Lodges Noosa


The UI design for the MSA Register Producer aimed to create a user-friendly platform that simplifies registration and profile management for meat producers. It sought to modernise the visual design while maintaining MSA’s brand identity, enhancing accessibility and usability.