Case Study: UI/UX Design for Integrity Systems – LPA

Client Overview

Renewing your LPA accreditation every 2 years ensures compliance with Livestock Production Australia’s (LPA) standards, maintaining excellence in livestock production. The renewal process encompasses completing a survey to assess on-farm practices, a multi-choice assessment for Meat Standards Australia (MSA) understanding, making a commitment declaration, and completing payment seamlessly through our secure platform.


Project Objective

The UI/UX design for the LPA accreditation renewal process aimed to streamline and simplify the steps required for stakeholders in the livestock industry to renew their accreditation. It focused on enhancing user experience, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and security throughout the renewal journey.

Design Process

User Flows 

The development of the user flows for the LPA accreditation renewal process was meticulously planned using collaborative tools like Miro. Stakeholders and design teams collaborated to map out each step from initial survey completion to final payment, ensuring a logical progression and intuitive navigation. This approach facilitated a thorough understanding of user interactions and decision points, informing the design of clear pathways and interface elements that guide users seamlessly through the renewal process.




During the design phase, Figma was instrumental in prototyping and iterating on interface designs. Prototypes were created to simulate user interactions and test usability, allowing stakeholders to visualise the flow of the renewal process and identify areas for improvement. Figma’s collaborative features enabled real-time feedback and revisions, ensuring that the final UI design met both user needs and regulatory requirements effectively.


  1. Final Design

    • The final design of the LPA accreditation renewal process combines a user-centric approach with intuitive navigation and visual clarity, ensuring seamless usability for stakeholders in the livestock industry. With prototypes refined through collaborative efforts in Figma, the interface optimally guides users through each step—from initial self-assessment and MSA understanding to declaration and payment. Clear progress indicators and secure transaction capabilities underscore the platform’s commitment to efficiency and compliance, enhancing user satisfaction while upholding LPA and MSA standards.


    The UI/UX design for the LPA accreditation renewal process successfully streamlined administrative tasks for stakeholders in the livestock industry. By integrating user-friendly interfaces, clear instructions, and secure transaction protocols, the platform facilitated efficient renewal processes while upholding LPA and MSA standards. User feedback and usability testing informed iterative improvements, ensuring ongoing usability and satisfaction.