Case Study: UI/UX Design for MSA

Client Overview

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) operates as a division of the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC), focusing on developing and maintaining standards that enhance the quality and marketability of Australian beef, lamb, and sheep meat products. MSA’s programs and certifications are recognised for their role in ensuring meat quality, eating satisfaction, and consumer confidence.


Project Objective

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) sought to enhance the user experience (UX) and visual appeal of their Register Producer website, a critical platform for producers to register, manage their profiles, and access MSA certification information. This case study outlines the UI/UX design process undertaken to achieve these objectives.

Design Process

The UI redesign adopted a modern and professional aesthetic, aligning with MSA’s updated branding. Clear typography, intuitive navigation, and a cohesive colour scheme were implemented to enhance readability and user engagement.

User Flows 

Mapping User Journeys with Miro:

  • Objective: Visualise and optimize user interactions within the MSA Register Producer platform to improve usability and efficiency.
  • Method: Utilized Miro to create collaborative digital whiteboard sessions with stakeholders. Mapped out user flows from registration to profile management, integrating feedback to refine navigation paths and interaction points.



Iterative Design and Prototyping:

  • Prototyping in Figma: Translated mapped user flows into interactive prototypes using Figma. Iteratively refined interface designs based on Miro session insights and stakeholder feedback.
  • Validation: Conducted usability testing sessions with stakeholders using Figma prototypes to validate user flows and ensure intuitive navigation and task completion.


  1. Final Design

    • The final design of the MSA Register Producer platform integrates a modern aesthetic that aligns with MSA’s updated branding guidelines. This includes a cohesive color scheme and typography that enhances readability and conveys trustworthiness.

      The user interface (UI) focuses on intuitive design elements to ensure seamless navigation and task completion. Interactive features and clear, step-by-step workflows streamline registration and profile management processes, enhancing user satisfaction and operational efficiency.


    The redesigned MSA Register Producer platform successfully launched as a user-centric solution that enhances accessibility and efficiency for meat producers. By integrating seamless single sign-on capabilities and personalised features, MSA facilitates streamlined registration, management, and access to essential industry resources, reinforcing its commitment to quality and innovation in the Australian meat industry. Miro’s collaborative user flow mapping proved instrumental in achieving a cohesive and user-friendly interface design that meets the diverse needs of MSA’s stakeholders.