Case Study: UI/UX Design for AUS-MEAT Training Website

Client Overview

AUS-MEAT is a leading provider of agribusiness certification and training services, dedicated to educating and upskilling professionals in the agriculture and food industry. Their training courses encompass in-house, public, and online options tailored to meet diverse training needs.


Project Objective

The UI/UX design for the AUS-MEAT Training Website aimed to create an engaging and user-friendly platform that promotes education and skill development within the agriculture and food sector. It sought to enhance accessibility to training resources while reflecting AUS-MEAT’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Design Approach

The UI design adopted a modern and professional aesthetic that aligns with AUS-MEAT’s branding, emphasising clarity and ease of use. Visual elements such as colour schemes and typography were chosen to enhance readability and convey trustworthiness. User flows were meticulously mapped out to ensure logical navigation through the website, optimizing user experience across different devices.


Throughout the design process, Figma played a pivotal role in prototyping and refining interface designs for the AUS-MEAT Training Website. Collaborative sessions allowed stakeholders and design teams to iterate on various design elements, including layout, navigation flow, and interactive features. Prototypes in Figma enabled real-time visualisation and user testing, providing valuable insights into usability and functionality. This iterative approach ensured that the final design not only met but exceeded user expectations, optimizing the user experience across different devices and scenarios.


The AUS-MEAT Training Website design successfully launched a user-centric platform that facilitates accessible and effective training solutions for professionals in the agriculture and food industry. By integrating robust features for course selection, registration, learning resources, and certification tracking, the platform supports AUS-MEAT’s mission to foster a sustainable and trusted industry workforce. User feedback and analytics continue to inform iterative improvements, ensuring ongoing usability and satisfaction.